This activity was aimed to know and understand all the production process of each producer and also it need to collect data of stove dimensions and draw materials check. This was done by team member in April 2013. They are focusing on producer profile form and conduct data collection as well as identify interest producer to collaborate and practice to produce ICS in two villages, Nonsavanh and Khili, Sanasomboun district, Champasak province. The result of activities is that in Ban Nonsavanh, 6 producers and 11 stove labours and 10 distributors expressed clear interest and agreed to join project. And at Ban khilli, there is two producers who are interested to join and 13 stove labours.

From the 28-30 May 2013, ICS Champasak organized training in effective stove production for local producers, with a total 52 participants, including 28 women producers, the training participants included 6 entrepreneurs, 31 of stove producer labour from Ban Khili and Ban Nonsavanh, 2 from producer’s labours from Beukthong village, 2 heads of the villages, 2 DST and 1 LWU from CPS, the Vice governor of Sanasombuon district is pay attention to be a chairman and provided opening as well as closing speech, 6 ICS staff and 1 SNV Advisor.

This training was included the inputs of two stove producers from Ban Beukthong in SVK province, who have experience producing new ICS since the programme initial its implementation in 2012.

On 8 to 10 May 2013, started testing of the PTT5 V-shape compare with PTT3 at SNV. This v-shape stove was modified from the current PTT3 by make remodeling the combustion chamber into a V-shape.

On 14 – 16 May, the testing of PTT5 V-shape have been began and again to ensure the efficiencies stability.

On May, team was visit end-users in SVK and give new stove for test and bring their old stove to On 21 to 23 May, test in the DST Lab (the stove taken from KPT HH) after five months used to compare with PTT3 and also tested the PTT4 18 holes around combustion chamber (adapted from Cambodia’s stove) compare with PTT3.

The achievements are listed in chronological order below:

During 30th April 1st May 2013, Programme organized the technical workshop/training for ICS staff at DST meeting room in SVK province, with total 16 participants, including 8 women, from three project locations. They gathered to share ideas as well as contribute their expected to learn from the training as they were shared lesson learnt among the team.

The purpose of this training to build up the technical and managerial skill levels of ARMI-ICS to the point where it can competently oversee a significantly scaled up program that will be expanded to five provinces in four years period.

Main objectives

  • To build common understanding of ICS staff on EC programme implementation plan.
  • To enhance implementation on stove production process and monitoring.
  • To enhance implementation on quality control and quality assurance process.
  • To enhance implementation on data base system and monitoring process.
  • To enhance implementation on promotion campaign and mass Medias.

Summary result comparing to expected results from participants is most of new ICS staff members are open mind to learn and share their though to the programme implementation guidelines, plan and programme approach. SNV took part to be main facilitation in this event and to build on common understanding. In doing so small groups discussion were organised as well as brainstorm sessions to share knowledge, experiences and identify solution to improve implementation methodologies and enhance understanding among ICS staff to again better results on the level of producers, retailers and end-users.

By this training the team member from each project area is agree on estimation to support producers in their project areas on stove production number.

Estimate stove production 100,000 in 4 years
































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