Result 6: National Quality Standard approved by Ministry of Science and Technology

The ICS programme staff of ARMI and SNV maintain close contact with relevant governmental bodies, such as the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Science and Technology via informal means as well as more formal face-to-face meetings.  The programme has prepared all papers and forms required to register the label for copyright protection, which is the first step in the formalization of the stove label.


In May 2013, a cooperation agreement was signed between the partners of the ICS programme (Oxfam, ARMI and SNV) and the Renewable Energy and New Materials Institute (RENMI, which is under the Ministry of Science and Technology), to endorse future cooperation in the field of stove testing and production tool development.  In June 2013, the laboratory at RENMI was completed and it will serve as the key lab for the ICS programme’s work on formulating national ICS quality standards in Laos.

Just prior to the opening of the RENMI lab an inception workshop was organised to launch the WB’s Lao Clean Cook Stove Initiative, which will also work on ICS quality standards in Laos. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Energy and organized by the key implementer of this initiative, LIRE and GERES Cambodia.  Their goal is to bring together the different relevant Ministries under an inter-ministerial Task Force to discuss ICS-related policies and quality standards.  In early 2014 they presented proposed general quality standards for stoves in Laos.  SNV keeps a close relationship with GERES to ensure harmonisation and synergies among the initiatives.

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