Result 5 Five Testing Agencies are operational as independent Quality Label’s provider of the ICS

Two new test labs were established in 2013, bringing the total number of operational labs to four: one at RENMI under MoST in Vientiane, one at DST in Savannakhet, one at the ICS office in Savannakhet and one at the ICS office in Champasak.  The first official stove testing lab under MoST, at DST in SVK, was opened on April 29 following an intensive period of training and securing of funding; and the lab under RENMI in Vientiane was opened on 21st of June 2013.


Table 6: Tests conducted per lab, February-December 2013

Test Lab

Number of tested

RENMI (Vientiane)


DST Savannakhet


ICS office, Champasak





Testing results are indicate fuel savings of around 28% when the ICS is compared to the most popular traditional stove (tao dam).  During testing, the ICS generally achieves efficiency levels of 39%, compared to 28% for the tao dam.  The ICS has also been tested in the laboratory of GERES and produced similar figures to those achieved in the test labs of Laos.

Figure 1: Comparative testing results for ICS and traditional stoves


In April 2013, the ICS programme conducted a workshop for three testing agencies from DST Champasak, DST Savannakhet and RENMI (Vientiane).  There were a total 14 participants, including three women.  The workshop was organized at DST in Savannakhet.  The purpose of this event was to increase the capacity of the testing agencies to conduct stove testing using the Adapted Water Boiling Test (AWBT) protocol and to understand the theory behind the protocol.  Two female staff of DST in Savannakhet with considerable experience in stove testing acted as teachers during the training.

In June 2013, an expert from GERES Cambodia, Mr. David Beritault, Technology R&D Manager at the laboratory in Phnom Penh, visited the ICS programme to assess the the capacity of testers and make recommendations for improving testers’ capacities, as well as the testing equipment and labs.  This resulted in a report with detailed recommendations, which are gradually being implemented.  Another exchange visit to GERES in Cambodia in December 2013 helped to further improve the capacity of ARMI and DST testing officers.

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