Result 3: Lao Women’s Union take role as an effective Promotional Partner

Lao Women’s Union (LWU) in Savannakhet and LWU in Champasak have signed cooperation agreements with ARMI to be involved with the ICS programme.  The programme is also liaising with the national LWU and the provincial LWU in Vientiane to secure their involvement in the programme.

In Savannakhet, the ICS team and LWU promoted the ICS at markets during public festivals in eight districts.  The retailers were involved in the promotional activities in order to build their capacity in selling ICS and recording sales details.  Cooking demonstrations by LWU proved to the audience the benefit of using ICS compared to traditional stoves.  During the demonstrations alone, 190 stoves were sold.


The ICS programme provided training to LWU staff in how to prepare and conduct ICS promotion and demonstration activities.  Thirteen coaching sessions were also conducted to further develop their skills.  The LWU in turn allocated its staff to conduct and organize the demonstration workshops at the village level.  LWU are keen to cooperate with the ICS programme, as they recognize the need for improved stoves that are more durable and save time, fuel and money – all impacts that largely benefit women.

With support of ARMI PO officers and retailers, LWU conducted promotion activities at the That Louang festival in Vientiane in November 2013.  Booths were also installed at the Boat Racing festivals in all three provinces and at the WIG Bazaar in Vientiane.  The promotional events generated significant interest among the public and a total of 644 ICS were sold at these events.


Table 5: LWU capacity-building activities, February-December 2013


Number of trainings provided to LWU

Number of coaching sessions provided to LWU

Number of promotion workshops conducted by LWU














Exciting market intelligence was also obtained from an ICS customer satisfaction survey, conducted in cooperation with PADETC in 2013.  The survey, which identified ICS users from the coupon data collected from retailers, was conducted via telephone with 270 ICS households.  It revealed high levels of satisfaction with the ICS and unanimous preference for ICS over traditional stove models.  The report can be found on the ICS website.

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