Improved Cookstoves Programme prepares for carbon credits
  • 07 April 2015
  • News

The Improved Cook Stoves Programme in Lao PDR aims to become financially sustainable by the revenues of carbon credits. The programme develops and promotes stoves that use up to 25% less charcoal or wood than traditional stoves, thus saving fuel and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 

Such improved cookstove technologies are eligible for carbon financing. Developing the carbon credits under Gold Standard the ICS programme can become a unique and economically sustainable initiative, which significantly improves livelihoods and reduces green house gas emissions and environmental pressure at the same time.

As a first step in the Gold Standard Carbon application, the ICS Programme invited local stakeholders to a consultation meeting on carbon finance, held on November 26, 2014.  Participants of the consultation discussed the positive and negative impacts of the Improved Cookstove Programme and gave stakeholders an opportunity to express their views. No fewer than 40 participants from the government sector, NGOs, the private sector and the general public attended.  A copy of the Local Stakeholder Consultation (LSC) report is available hereSNV LSC Report 20 Mar 2015 LAO


This programme is funded by European Union