Objective of the activity want to know the location of the retailer and stove type at the market in the Savannakhet Province.

The data related to stoves and the details of the retailers were collected when visiting the shops, asking questions directly to the retailers. In most of the case, interviewees were the owner of the shop or a close member of the family.

The survey team also spotted the geographical position of retailers on a paper map according to landmarks, during the field visit. Back from the field, these positions were entered directly on Google Map using both map and satellite views.

There are 157 retailers have been done. And now 35 retailers sold new ICS in the Savannakhet Province.


During April 9-10, 2013,  SVK team facilitated discussion among producers and retailers on the issue of stove is not enough and not delivery to retailers as market’s demand, the purpose of this activity is to facilitate, link the communication and build good relationship between producers and retailers, to encourage producers to produce more stoves to the retailers on times, the result of this event that the producers can understand and know demand of the stove and retailers can give feedback on the quantity and quality of stoves.

Team have been follow up after this event, that retailer are order more stove from producers, by the way the producers have to continue produce and speed up the stove production process to meet with the demand of the market in Seno and as SVK.

On 21-23 May 2013, SVK team have discussed with producers after finding 5 bad quality stoves at the retailer’s shop, team took back to producers to replace with the good quality.

This programme is funded by European Union