Our colleagues consisted team from Oxfam NOVIB who is the Lead for the Action, SNV The Netherlands Development Organisation is the Technical Advisor and the Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI/NORMAI) is the Implementing Partner.




Bastiaan Teune          Sector Leader Renewable Energy
Kimberley Buss Advisor
Santi Ithavong Renewable  Energy Advisor
Bounthavy Sengtakoun          Associate Advisor Renewable Energy    


Savannakhet Team    
khamleth Sengsoulichanh                     Technical Officer/Team Leader         
Khamphouay Northommavong Promotion Officer
Souaydavanh Soukhanouvong Quality Control and Monitoring Officer
Champasak Team    
Sithisak Didouangphet Technical Officer/Team Leader
Soutchay Khammibouth Quality Control and Monitoring Officer
Amphayvanh Xaymonty Promotion Officer
Kheuavan Chitamath Quality Control and Monitoring Officer
Vientiane Team    
Inthone Sophabmixay Quality Control/Team Leader
Lattanavong Vongphachan Quality Control and Monitoring Officer
Nalee Thepthalam Technical Officer
Vonemany Phommalath Promotion Officer
Support Team    
Amphone Souvannalath Director
 Anan Xaiyavong Technical Coordinator
Phetdavan Nouthanongdeth Finance and Admin Manager
Lattana Thoommaly Admin Assistant
Vilaylack Phimmachack Finance and Administration Officer
Vilayphone Chanthavongsa Finance Assistant

This programme is funded by European Union