Facilitate on Reflection workshop of Stove testing for testing agencies




During April 23-25, 2013. ICS Programme conducted a workshop for three testing agencies from DST-CPS, DST-SVK and RENMI, total 14 participants and 3 women. The workshop was organized at Savannakhet Department of science and technology office.

Purpose of this event to increase capacity of the testing agencies on stove testing Adapt water boiling test (AWBT) method and protocol, the workshop has applied two methodologies on testing theory of AWBT and demonstrate on video of stove testing process. Ms. Khounmy is a tester how again long experiences on stove testing was shared the PowerPoint of expected result of the tests and reason why we are applying for AWBT protocol, and Ms. Anousone explained the detail method of data entry.

In the afternoon session the participant were started practice and demonstrate by two testers from DST-SVK apply AWBT with stove PTT3 and Taopayat from Vientiane and from Pakse, after test they fill data in to form. After complete testing session the team and participant were share reflection and learn on data analysis. 

Observation, most of the participants is interest and pay attention to learn and question on testing’s protocol, result analysis and planning for conduct testing in their lab.




This programme is funded by European Union