ICS promotion campaign and approach

Promotion materials is on-going process of improvement and follows the EU Communication and Visibility plan, meaning most of the promotion material will adjust and add some important info into the materials and preaper for publication in both English and Laos version such as EC-ICS brochure and EC-ICS spot radio, spot TV and EC-ICS documentary.

The new promotional materials have been improved according to lesson learnt and feedback the team got from the producers and customers and go together with them to conduct promotion in the market level. The team found it is not functioning and create unsustainable for the activity in the future, therefore the retailers are to reflect with the producers what is best and to apply new improvement method to conduct the awareness campaigns by retailer at the market. By brining producer and retailers closer with the help of LWU, the result is that more people get interested in ICS and retailers to order more ICS for their shops..




This programme is funded by European Union