Getting to know interest producers to collect data on producers profile in Champasak.

From 11 to 22 February the team gather data on village profile. The objective of this activity is to know how many producers and how many labourers each village host. As of now the programme has data on producers and labours both villages, for the next step we will go more detail to get data of producers in each village.


On 27-28th February the team visited Nonsavanh village, Sanasomboun district, Champasack province to collect data for producer profile and village profile. In village we met an interested producer (Mr. Mai). The objective is collect data that essential to put and link in to database of programme, this information will be used for monitoring system and all data of producers will be used for conduct the training course on stove production process especially the producers in Nonsavanh village, Sanasomboun district, Champasack province to start run the stove production in Champasack province and able to ensure for the stove to use on the promotion activities on June 2013 for Champasack province.

This programme is funded by European Union